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Stockholm Food Experiences

At the most recent Culinary Olympics, the Swedish team of chefs secured gold medals in five different categories. Seven of the team members work in Stockholm. Gastronomical trends are born here, and as a visitor you can count on food experiences out of the ordinary. You will find everything from modern concept restaurants and innovative kitchens to Guide Michelin stars and traditional corner restaurants.

Stockholm restaurants are popular. This means that you definitely should book a table - preferably well in advance. At the most popular restaurants, you should book about a week previous to your visit on weekdays and even before that on weekends.

ESPERANTO - One of the Sweden's best restaurants, according to the latest edition of the prestigious White Guide. Its food carries inspiration from the whole world, based on ingredients that have been produced with respect for both animalsand the environment.

LUX STOCHOLM - A restaurant focused on locally produced and fresh foods, always themed around season. The setting is magnificent, as one of the Sweden best restaurants is located on Lilla Essingen facing the water and with a view over the city.

PONTUS - A nice restaurant, set on several floors on Stureplan in the city center. You will find something for every occasion here. It is an international brasserie suitable for both everyday pleasure and special occasion. It also features both a seafood bar and a wine bar.

Many top class restaurants have a ,,bakficka'', i.e. a smaller restaurant where they serve more basic bistro food. the food is still very high quality, but with much lower prices. Famous bistros include OPERAKALLARENS BKFICKA, located round the corner from the main restaurant in the Opera House, and ERIKS BAKFICKA located in Ostermalm and run by the same master chef as the Gondolen restaurant. SPECERIET, Gastrologiks bakficka is a newcomer found wall to wall with the original restaurant at Artillergaton. You can also look out for special offers of the lunch of the day at the top class restaurants.

Hjerta Stockholm
DJURET - Set on a rustic decor, this restaurant serves only one animal at a time and the whole menu is made up from its different parts. By using all parts of the animal, it operates in a sustainable way, both from an ecological perspective and out of respect for the animal. 

HJERTA - A beautifully located restaurant in a former torpedo workshop, just by the marina on the idyllic ''art island'' Skeppsholmen. Rustic food with Swedish and French influences is served here. The restaurant also has its own bakery and smokery.

AG - Meat for all palates of best quality is served here. They tenderize the meat themselves, and in the visible fridges pieces of meat hang in a row. AG is the chemical symbol for silver and the restaurant has been named after the silvermith that once was housed in the building.

Stromma Cruise experience
Stromma Canal Cruises
,,Fika'' is a Swedish phenomenon that you won't find anywhere else in the world. For more than a hundred years, we've had our own world for drinking coffee, tea or soft drinks, preferably with a cinnamon bun and in the company of fiends. Buns, cookies, and other pastires are called ,,fikabrod''. The ,,fika culture'' is an important part of Swedish society and as a visitor in Stockholm you can easily be part of it. You will find classic cafes with an unique character, cozy coffee shops and modern coffee bars. They have one thing in common ''you can ,,fika''there.

Once you visit Stockholm, book a dining cruise in the Archipelago and experience the top-quality surroundings, food and service on a classic archipelago cruise. Naturally, all food is prepared on board, and you can choose between brunch, lunch and dinner cruises. It's a fantastica way to enjoy Stockholm's beautiful archipelago and food with a blend of Swedish and international influences.

Hotels in Stockholm

 KVARNEN - Legendary restaurant, beer hall and meeting place with a hundred year of history, located in the old worker's part of the city, Sodemalm. Known from the Millenium book and films and a place many people want to see in real life. It serves well-cooked classic Swedish traditional dishes.

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