Monday, March 31, 2014

How to pick the perfect perfume

Picking the right fragrance is becoming more difficult as more choices than ever hit the market. But there are ways to tell which fragrance are right for you and which are wrong. And you can do it without trailing for selection of unflattering trial fragrances home from store.

Women have basic scent preferences that define which type of fragrance they like. Many women prefer a lighter fragrance during the day and a heavier one in the evening.
To test a new scent, spray the fragrance on your arm, not too close, and lave it for a while. Some people prefer to use blotters, but then you don’t find out how the perfume reacts with you.
Experts suggest smelling coffee between each test, to clear away the last lingering scent. Coffee beans are rarely used as an ingredient in perfumes and they quickly blunt previous fragrances. Use them as you would use bread to cleanse the palate when tasting wine. Upscale perfume shops sometimes make available coffee beans at the fragrance counter for this purpose.
Your personality, favorite colors, favorite foods and your past tilt you towards certain perfume preferences.
A strong correlation exists between fragrances and memories because sense and emotion are processed in the same part of the brain. For this reason, certain aroma, such as baking bread and cookies add to certain perfumes bring back childhood memories.

When choosing your next fragrance, tell the sales person your favorite foods and drinks, music, fabric, colors, region of the world and skin type. These can all help to decide which fragrances you should test.
A penchant for greens and blues as well as cotton, suede and cashmere suggest a preference for light, clean, outdoorsy fragrances. A preference for apples, peaches, pears and nectarines show that you like the ‘’orchard’’ category. Raspberries and blackberries, are in the ‘’berry’’ group; mango and papaya-lovers fall in the ‘’tropical’’ group; and melons, the ‘’marine’’ group of fragrances.

You can find plenty of designer brands on-line offering best selection of man fragrances and woman perfumes. Above mentioned group of fragrances selected into so called niches, like oriental, fruity,exotic e.c.t. Depending on your intuition, pick up the one that suits your senses. Don't get preoccupied with the fragrances used by your close friends because every fragrance smells differently on different people. Another useful tip when buying the best perfume, test it on your own skin it is better than on a perfume card, basically it will serve your body after decision you make

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